New Video and eChapbook!

Dear Friends, I am so thrilled to have created  the very first video in a series of videos that I will bring out this year in order to prepare the way for my forthcoming book Sophia’s Book of Healing Wisdom: 25 Illuminations for Living Soulfully. Making the video for the poem “Blessing for One About […]

Full text of the poem “Blessing for One About to Be Born”

Blessing for One About to Be Born What shall we call you, one who comes across a vast distance bearing secrets of the future, your mother’s hidden wishing, and the remembrance of beauty that hung diffusely in the air all those long years without you? We call you the awaited one, the dreamt of one, […]

If You Do Not Find a Way, Who Will?

There is in a moment in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when, at his wits end and deeply fatigued and disheartened, Frodo wishes to give up the quest.  At that moment the “white lady” – the wise Elf Queen- appears and says to him “This task was appointed to you—If you do not find […]

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