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Dear Friends,

I am so thrilled to have created  the very first video in a series of videos that I will bring out this year in order to prepare the way for my forthcoming book Sophia’s Book of Healing Wisdom: 25 Illuminations for Living Soulfully. Making the video for the poem “Blessing for One About to Be Born” was a blessed experience and gift to me. Videographer extraordinaire Bob Keeton and I worked together fluidly and easily– In some ways it was as if the video  already existed and we were just “pulling it down” into being! I was also gifted to work with  the stunning photographs of Erin O’Neill and the angelic harp music of Peter Sterling in the project– which both added to the feeling of grace, beauty and completeness!

I had been envisioning a video like this for a long time, but I didn’t realize until it was coming together that I have wanted to bring poems to life in this way for many years. My dear friend and soul sister Kyce Bello, in her intuitive wise woman vision, was the one who suggested that I should make a video for this blessing poem. I had first shared the poem at her birth ceremony several years ago, and many of her mama- circle  friends have asked her for a copy of it since then. Thank you, Kyce! Your prompting was just the push needed to bring this into being.

Making this first video  has given me great inspiration to create more poem-videos– to share more poems  with the world in this exciting multi-sensory way.

Watch the video A Blessing for One About to Be Born on YouTube  here

Right now I am seeking a publisher for my new  book, Sophia’s Book of Healing Wisdom: 25 Illuminations for Living Soulfully— This book, that has been many years in the making,   is a small gem of work, distilling years of spiritual and creative explorations as a poet, artist and writer– years of longing and aching tenderness– a desire to give something useful to human beings, a “good water” for their thirst.  Toward this end, I am trying to share some samples of the book and get them out into the world, to create a momentum that will build and build– so that when the time is right,  the right publisher will come forth, and the work will travel far and wide, melting  hearts all over the world with the remembrance of beauty.  If you are moved by any of what you hear in the videos, and by what you read here, I ask for you support in building that momentum. Please share and pass along the video link to any who might appreciate it!

Another way that you can help is to purchase my new eChapbook of blessing poems:

Speak Beauty: Six Poems of Blessing .

Speak Beauty: Six Poems of Blessing

Speak Beauty: Six Poems of Blessing

This beautiful little echapbook (15 pages total- pdf) features several of the blessing poems that are featured in my book Sophia Speaks. Some of these blessings are very special to me, and have been used in marriage ceremonies and other sacred rituals for which they were composed (this is the case with Blessing for Mother Earth, for example). Several of these I have never shared before, other than in ceremony or with the individual for whom the poem was originally written. Look to see some of these presented in video form by the end of this year!

Blessing for One About to Be Born
Blessing for One Who Sees
Blessing for Marriage
Blessing for a Lost Child Who Has Returned
Blessing for the End of a Relationship
Blessing for Mother Earth

Cost: $2

(a download link will be sent to your email immediately)

Proceeds from the sale of this work will go toward the production of future videos that will bring more poems to life in a beautiful medium, reaching hearts all over the world. I am impassioned about making poetry sacred again, and bringing it to people who might otherwise never encounter it or be moved by it– finding it not only relevant to their lives, but utterly necessary! My deepest hope is that these blessing poems will give people words of depth and soulfulness with which honor to the passages and initiations of their lives. In the West, we are sorely lacking in this. As a poet, this is the most meaningful thing I can think of to give!

I thank you in advance for your support! And I hope you are moved by this new selection…




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