If You Do Not Find a Way, Who Will?

Frodo and Galadriel

There is in a moment in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy when, at his wits end and deeply fatigued and disheartened, Frodo wishes to give up the quest.  At that moment the “white lady” – the wise Elf Queen- appears and says to him “This task was appointed to you—If you do not find a way, no one will.” I feel there is a profound parallel here that is useful in our lives, as we attempt to heal our unique wounds and undertake the sometimes painful journey to self-awareness and transformation.

For each of us, there is a pathless journey that must be undertaken. By pathless I mean that the way that others have charted bears no relation to the path that we must chart. The unique configuration that we are has never appeared on this earth in exactly this way. Therefore, the path we must tread must be found and walked by ourselves alone. There is a profound loneliness in this aspect of consciousness and existence. Whatever wounds you are given and whatever conditions and constraints determine your personality and soul’s texture—another cannot know. Only you yourself can create the path out of the suffering and confusion and life questions that are your soul’s dark gift and unique path of unfoldment: “If you do not find a way, no one will”.

Many possibilities await our choosing. We may want to sit down and weep at our misfortune; the heart may wring its hands at the obstacles and weight that has been laid upon it. But intention to find a way means everything.

Perhaps the Divine One whose eyes we are watches with excruciating interest and hopefulness that we will find a way. Perhaps the way is carved out for us long before we come to consciousness of it. We may not know how to heal the wounds of love, how to love others, how to love ourselves—how to manage the demands and limitations of material existence and the call of the soul home to the eternal. We must a find a way—and that way is different for each of us.

When we carve a path that has never existed in response to a particular set of conditions and potentials and predilections—we expand the cosmic being of the universe and open ways for others that may not have existed until we were. The wise and celestial Elf-Queen speaks to the weakened and disheartened creature in every human being that would give up the quest. There is not someone better, more equipped, or stronger who can undertake the task you have been given: and that is to realize the hidden beauty, the gifts of your own precious being—the divine in your own seemingly flawed and all-too-human heart.




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